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Loans for bad credit with Vivaloan

Vivaloan: A serious lender with bad credit loans, no credit check, and fast deposit.  When you have a cash emergency and want a lender with the utmost discretion, Vivaloan have you covered with a dynamic range of no credit check loans; same day approval; next-day payout and the fairest market interest rates.

Whether you want online loans with no credit check, or bad credit installment loans, you’ll find both at Vivaloan.  They use a lightning-fast matching system that analyses applicable loans from hundreds of lenders to bring you loans you qualify for and can apply for today, instantly.  With absolutely no obligation! You can easily see the lowest rates on all loans you pre-qualify to borrow, which gives you flexibility and freedom to borrow whatever you need right away.

Vivaloan search instantly to find every applicant a no credit check same day loans online, so they can borrow up to $15,000 for any purpose within minutes, discreetly and securely.  Same day loans, no credit check and Vivaloan’s promise to find you the best terms for your circumstances?  It’s a great deal for anyone who is the least bit curious as to what they could borrow!  Fill in the secure online form now and in just a few minutes you’ll be able to see exactly what’s available to you with a list of pre-approved no credit check loans, same day approval and next day payments that you’d be unable to find with a manual search.

Do you need cash as soon as possible?  Same-day payments are possible with Vivaloan, because they work with so many lenders who offer ultra fast payouts.  If you want speed and convenience from a lender you will love Vivaloan because they match you with exactly the loans that suit you.  You can apply on the go, or on a break at work, which is the ultimate convenience for quick cash if you are too busy to wait in line at your bank or credit union during business days.  Vivaloan have personal loans for everyone, whatever their income, and welcome people who traditionally struggle to get credit – students, seniors, self-employed and anyone else on a fixed or irregular income.  VivaLoan are a hub for fast same day cash loans with no credit check, so you can search with them without impacting your credit score making them an ideal go-to if you want fast cash in an emergency.

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12 Reviews to “VivaLoan Review”

  1. They would only qualify me to loan $1,500 :( But, if I keep to my schedule I may get more next time. I know It’s my own fault for being a bad credit risk so I can’t complain but it’s just sooo inconvenient!!! Oh well, better than nothing I guess…

  2. Well, I have a lowish FICO score of like 550 and I DID manage to get a loan for $4500 from one of the lending partners here, but I felt the repayments were a little extra. :( But i have paid it back and it wasnt too bad considering i couldn’t get ANY loan from elsewhere. I would use this provider again.

  3. Well, pros and cons here. Pro: I got a cash loan within 36hours, there was no credit check, and I did get to choose the repayment date, but CON, BEWARE!! I could only get $2,100 when I did request $2,900 and I was late repaying so I had to call and try and sort that out.

  4. The best loan company i have ever had the pleasure to borrow from. They made a difficult situation 100x more bearable, and acted swiftly and with discretion. I love being treated like a valued customer and Vivaloan gave me that experience. I have to say that they deserve their reputation as one of the best and brightest poor credit loans lenders on the market as they make it an extremely comfortable experience.

  5. I have been using Vivaloan for 3 years and I get a really low rate with tham now. They’re my go-to lender and I am very happy with the speed they payout, I have never had a problem. One time I was gonna be late paying but a quick call to customer service soon sorted it out and they gave me an extension with no penalty.

  6. Here is my review for Vivaloan, a short term loan company who offer loans aimed at the poor credit market.

    Firstly, Vivaloan have a long-standing history in this market, and have been around for many years. Right off the bat, this enables them to offer lower APRs than a lot of newer companies offering similar loans, who have sprung up with the explosion of the internet and often take advantage of customers in dire circumstances who need a quick fix.
    Vivaloan are trustworthy. They will loan you money as fast as they say but be warned that you will need to adhere to the payment plan they set out for you. While always fair, it will reflect the risk you pose to them. Vivaloan will individually assess your ability to pay and set rates accordingly.
    Honestly, my only complaint is that they dont offer larger loans but I suspect that is because they have to cover themselves against possible abuses.
    I would suggest that like myself, customers with bad credit turn to Vivaloan initially with a view to repairing their credit, and take several subsequent loans until they have proven they will repay on time, this will then qualify them to other companies who offer larger loans.
    There is hope for those in debt, and companies like Vivaloan will help you if you will work with them.

  7. Wow, fantastic they lent me $1250. Would have preferred more but it will do for now and at least I didn’t have to worry about being credit checked !

  8. I am glad I turned to Vivaloan, my experience with them has been simple and straightforward, and anyone who wants a cash loan at an affordable rate should consider them. They dont check your credit score, so don’t worry if you are in trouble they WILL help you.

  9. I can’t believe I am writing about my experience of getting a loan. VivaLoan solved so many of my problems and removed a huge load off my back. At first, I was a little worried that the terms of the site might be so strict that I would not be able to comply with them, but it turned out to be the complete opposite. They even allowed me to choose my own repayment schedule. The thing that I liked most about VivaLoan is that they accepted me even though I had a low credit history. Other lenders like banks usually look down on you for having a low score, but this was not the case here. I want to thank VivaLoan for making my life easier in so many ways.

  10. Ya, I like Vivaloan. I borrow off them maybe once every 2-3 months , because my work is kinda up and down and I don’t always get enough hours. I usually borrow 500 bucks but my sister was complaining she wanted $5000 and couldn’t get it here and they only offered her $1,700. I think its because she is on welfare and food stamps. She should stop bitching and be glad that Vivaloan would even consider lender her anything at all. I have never needed to borrow more than $1000 here but I called customer service one time to discuss my options and mentioned my sisters complains, and they said that while they couldnt comment on another customers situation, the hypothetical reason would be that repeat customers build trust here, regardless of the SOURCE of their income, and that a new customer in the situation i described would not just be given $5000, especially as they do not check credit referencing agencies. She went on to tell me that I am now eligible for larger loans here should I ever need them, as a valued customer, because I have proven myself by borrowing and repaying several smaller loans. She also informed me that my credit score is now 702, and just 18 months ago it was 553!!!

  11. I usually do not trust such loan sites, but 3 months ago, I was a single pregnant mother with 3 beautiful children. My monthly salary had finished, and I desperately needed money to take care of my family. I did not know where else to go. This site was my only option at the time because of my low credit score and I knew no bank or person would lend me the amount I needed. After I applied here and went through the steps, I realized how wrong I was. I got the loan in only two days and was overwhelmed by their service. To be honest, I am impressed with Viva Loan and recommend every borrower to at least check it out before even considering getting a loan.

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