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IndyLend is a new and exciting contender offering fast, secure and easy short term installment loans intended to help all customers, regardless of prior credit problems, or lack of credit history.

Borrow $100-$5,000, short term loans or installment loan options available
Secure, fast application takes just minutes – apply online for instant approval
Flexible repayments to suit your budget
24/7 processing- no waiting – cash on demand
Returning customers can access larger loans and lower rates

Customers may request loan amounts between $100, and $5,000 and are required to fill out a short online application form.  Loan offers are no-obligation and are tailored to each customers unique situation – IndyLend welcome those with poor credit, or even no credit history and aim to offer a fair, equal and ethical service to everyone.   You’ll never be asked to repay more than you can afford – installments and interest are set at an amount that fits conveniently into your monthly or weekly budget and takes into account your ability to pay.   Loans are processed 24/7, every day of the year, offering a convenience that your regular lender cant match – and funds are wired automatically into your account of choice as soon as the next business day.

Returning customers enjoy attractive interest rate cuts, and the ability to borrow larger loan amounts, as they gain trust and repair their credit rating. IndyLend gives everyone the chance to make a new start with financial responsibility, and even those with extremely poor credit will receive a no-obligation loan offer that is as fair as possible.   Their customer service people are trained to be sympathetic, helpful and patient and can assist you at any time a need should arise. IndyLend are dedicated to making their products accessible for any and all customers who find themselves in need of cash that they cannot get hold of elsewhere, and pride themselves on their fast and simple, secure and all-inclusive service.  With no hidden costs or fees, you can be sure IndyLend are a great choice.

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3 Reviews to “IndyLend”

  1. Wow I feel so blessed, was able to consolidate 6 little but annoying monthly payments into a more manageable single payment installment loan for bad credit thanks to them AND Im paying less in total because I got a decent interest rate.

  2. No problems here, my credit was shot to hell after getting divorced but thank God I was able to get $3,000 to secure my home. I set the repayments to an amount I could afford by myself. I’m doing ok. Which is more than I can say for him. HA!

  3. Times are tough for my fam, I just got laid off and my new job ain’t kick in for a month or more – waitin to see what the boss decides. But, I applied just to see if they would help me anyway and yeh, this lender came through, got $$ to repair the water heater and roof and can manage the installments out of my check. Bit of a struggle but not so bad once I’m working again.

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